Building on tradition...

Built and Designed in 1959 by Al Thomas,
Adams Country Club is one of the area's most enjoyable and challenging 9 hole golf courses.

The course can be friendly to beginners or a test to established players. Tees are set for all handicap levels.

To Book a Tee Time you MUST accept the terms below. To start your round, everyone in your group must sign a Hold Harmless Agreement. You can download a copy below or sign one at the course.
Adams Country Club Inc., its Owners, Agents, Officers, Representatives, Employees and Associates shall be referred to as “The Club” at all times herein.

Golfers, Attendees, Patrons, Guests and any other Party visiting and attending The Club, whether it be for golfing, attending the restaurant, bar, facilities, indoor or outdoor, in any capacity, shall be referred to as “Guests” at all times herein.

Guests agree they are attending The Club at their own risk, and receiving a benefit with consideration paid therefore. Guests fully acknowledge they are individually and as any group of Guests responsible for their own social distancing. Said social distancing refers to the practice set forth and defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Said definition includes, but is not limited to maintaining a six (6) foot distance from other people, as well as avoiding and limiting face to face contact as much as practically and reasonably possible.

Guests acknowledge they will and must wear the appropriate facial cloth covering, as recommended and stipulated by the Laws and Recommendations of The State of New York and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Guests acknowledge that it is their responsibility and not, The Club’s, to maintain proper social distancing, as The Club, cannot observe and monitor Guests at all times. And, in the limited instances where The Club is in a position to observe and monitor Guests, The Club cannot possibly physically safeguard any and all interactions between Guests.

Guests agree to Indemnify and Hold Harmless, release, and hold free and clear from any and all liability, The Club, for any exposure, infection, transfer, danger or susceptidility associated with The Corona Virus, Covid-19, or any other related or associated Virus, Infection, Sickness or Disease.

Guest (18 Years of Age or Older)

To reserve a tee time, you must agree to the above Hold Harmless Agreement and bring a signed copy to the course.

Names of all group members must be filled in Reservation Form. Tee Time Groups are limited to four golfers.
9 Hole Course Open to the Public
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